National team

Sergey Tetyukhin first entered Russia’s youth national team in 1994. The team won gold medals at the European championship in Turkey that year.

Sergey made his debut for Russia’s national team in Beijing on May 11, 1996, at a World League event (Russia vs. Japan). Onthatday, theRussianteamhada 3-2 victory.

In 2002, as a member of the Russian team, he first won the World League and then the World Championship silver medal.

At the 2012 Olympics, in the final game against Brazil, Tetyukhin helped his team to turn the tables during that match and achieve victory. After that, he announced the end of his career in the national team.

In July 2015, at the age of 39, Tetyukhin decided to return to Russia’s national team to take part in the World Cup, and he did so in September (the Russian team ranked fourth that time). In January 2016, Tetyukhin helped the national team to qualify for Rio Olympics, being an MVP at the qualification event in Berlin.

Sergey Tetyukhin is the 2012 Olympic champion, the 2000 Olympic silver medalist and the 2004 and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist. He is the first volleyball player to ever win four Olympic medals and the only Russian volleyball player to take part in six Olympic games.

Sergey Tetyukhin has played for Russia in 320 official matches. With 2,488 points and 514 successful serves, he is the first Russian volleyball player to pass 300-match and 3,000-ball milestones.